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Money Booth For Events

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Best Money Booth in Las Vegas. Rent today for your event and conventions. Perfect to drew people into your booth. Money Booth Game is the perfect attraction.
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Money Booth Frequently Asked Questions 

-        What is the weight of the Vault Money Booth?

Approximately 400 lbs.


-        What are the dimensions?

32” W x 60” L x 90” H


-        What are the power requirements?

110V   5 Amps


-        How long does it take to set up/tear down?

5 to 10 minutes


-        How much money can you put in the machine at once?

350-400 bills, but we recommend only 250-350 bills at once


-        Do you have to use fake money?

Real money is ok


-        How long do you suggest having people stay in the booth to do a money grab?

15 to 20 seconds, although you can set the timer in the booth for up to 60 seconds (5 second increments)


-        What is the average amount of bills that someone grabs in a turn in the booth based on a certain amount of time?

15 to 25 bills (average) in 20 seconds

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