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A to Z Events' Las Vegas event planners have over 22 years of experience in successful corporate event planning. Las Vegas is a great city for corporate events, trade shows and more.  Let A to Z Events make the city work for you.

A to Z Events events are personalized and customized to your needs. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter solutions. Each event is specifically designed for each customer.

We can assist you with:

Site Selection in Las Vegas

Corporate Room Reservations

Corporate Event Planning

Special Event Planning

Theme Design

Corporate Event Entertainment

Destination Management Services

Convention Event Planning Services

Convention Talent in Las Vegas

And much more!

We offer the following services for your event:

Site selection: A to Z Events will choose the best location for your event.

Our extensive database of restaurants, attractions, shows and hotels, affiliation with leading event industry companies and experienced personnel enable us to make your vision a reality. Whether it's a black tie affair or casual, in a hotel ballroom or off-site location, we'll find a venue to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Meeting planning: A to Z Events can take charge of all the meeting and event planning. From organizing rooms to coordinating food, drinks and entertainment, we take care of all logistics between the hotel, your client and the vendors.

Event planning is a puzzle – if just one piece is missing or out of place, the whole production is compromised. A to Z Events understands how the relationship between the event organizer, the facility, the vendors and the attendees work together to make a great event. We see the big picture, and we'll work with you, to ensure your success. Our associates have the experience and expertise you need.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, A to Z Events executives will be with you throughout your event to reduce your stress and let you enjoy your event.

Entertainment: From celebrity speakers to professional musicians, A to Z Events Las Vegas event planners can meet your needs.

Theme Design:A to Z Events corporate event planning experts will develop a theme to match your group. From team building nights with games and lots of energy to formal banquets, our event planning incorporates everything from scenery to food and music.

Food and Beverage: It's a fact: people judge an event by its food. A to Z Events Las Vegas event planners will pick the right food and beverages to meet your budget and please your guests' tastes.

Most importantly, A to Z Events knows that there are no second chances in corporate event planning. We have the experience and expertise you need in order to assure the success of your event. We stand by our motto, "We expect the unexpected." We have a second and a third backup plan for every aspect of your event. We are prepared, so that your event is stress-free and running smoothly.

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